Against Art’s History. Midnight Workers, Art Strikers and Others

A workshop dedicated to discussing recent attempts at updating Marxist and materialist art histories, theories and critique, for the question: »Cui bono?« is not only addressed to art itself, but also to writing about, exhibiting and historicizing art. In preparation for the workshop a reader …

Backstage I

Exhibition in three parts and three phases »Ozarichi, März 1944« in UC, Hall 25 »Megalothymia« in UC, building 10, ground floor Christian Boltanski, »Die Archive der Großeltern« in UC, building 7, basement Opening of »Backstage I« on Wednesday, March 8, 2017, 7pm in lecture hall 5 with …

Backstage III

Exhibition in three parts and phases »Ozarichi, März 1944« in campus hall 25 »Megalothymia« in campus building 10, ground floor Christian Boltanski, »Die Archive der Großeltern« in campus building 7, basement Opening of »Backstage III« on Wednesday, June 14, at 6:30pm with short presentations and a …

Susanne Leeb & Sven Beckstette

Susanne Leeb (University of Basel): »Cycles of Painting and Entangled Histories: Luc Tuymans and Tshibumba Kanda Matulu« Globalization not only entails an increased engagement with arts worldwide, but also with earlier transnational entanglements. Entanglements that, characterized by colonialism, …

Souvenirs and Trophies

The American artist Mark Dion has been working for more than 10 years on the cultural representation of nature and is internationally regarded as one of the most important representatives of context art. This year, for the first time, a large, retrospective traveling exhibition will be dedicated to …

The Dividual

The exhibition „The Dividual“, curated by Joshua Simon at the Kunstraum of Leuphana University Lüneburg, explores an emergent subjectivity, divided from itself, and always-already part of something. With texts and works by Jacob Lawrence, Chris Marker and Alain Resnais, Emmanuela Soria Ruiz, Drexciya, Roee Rosen, Octavia Butler, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, Sergei Eisenstein, Sylvère Lotringer, Ruth Patir, Andrei Platonov, Paul Klee, El Lissitzky, Georges Bataille, Emanuel Almborg, Shana Lutker, and Platon Kerzhenetsev.

focus on art/research projects

Ute Klissenbauer und Dierk Schmidt diskutieren mit Ulrich Lölke spezifische Herausforderungen für ihre Projekte UFO UNO und “Die Teilung der Erde” an der Schnittstelle zwischen Wissenschaft, Kunst und Politik.

In No-one’s Time. The Dispute Surrounding the Concept of Event in Post-structuralism

»Event« is one of the major concepts that »French philosophy« of the 1960s has left us. It was brought into the debate with the aim of intervening in the political and theoretical crisis of Marxism after its historio-philosophical foundations had been shattered. But as one can see in the figures of …

ReproReality HackLab 005 – 006, FertilityCave 1.0.7

»ReproReality HackLabs« are a series of gatherings of likeminded and associated as well as individuals to discuss ideas and develop tools around Reproductive Technologies. They aim to extract these Technologies from their biopolitical determination. »ReproReality HackLabs« are hosted by a lifeline …

Front, Field, Line, Plane

The idea and images of protest have moved to the foreground recently both in the work of artists and in the global media. On the one hand, artists are documenting the wave of protests that have built up since the memorable moment of Seattle in 1999 up to the ascendance of the Occupy movement; and …

Image Worlds and Knowledge Systems. The Genesis of Modern Natural Sciences – Galileo and the Consequences

Moderator: Dr. Martin Warnke, Information Technology and Culture, Leuphana University of Lueneburg

Conceptual Paradise

In a three-year cinematic research, the artist and author Stefan Römer and his film team interviewed numerous outstanding, international artists. In the intellectual debate in front of the camera, Stefan Römer developed a special cinematic way of reflecting on the state of international …

The First Congress of the Kulturwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft

Keynotes by Sigrid Weigel (Berlin), Andreas Reckwitz (Frankfurt/Oder), Heidrun Friese (Chemnitz), and Orit Halpern (Montréal)

Ethnographic Museums and Memories. Two Screenings

Since Alain Resnais’ and Chris Markers film »Les Statues meurent aussi« from 1953 ethnographic museums have been the topic of filmic and artistic critique mostly due the doubtful origin of their collections as looted art under colonial times. As part of the seminar »Art and Ethnography. History of …

FROM WHERE I STAND #1. Feminist Art/Writing: Genealogies, Subjectivities, and Critique

When writing about feminist art, and possibly for feminist motives, scholars face the problem that their research not only partakes in making visible and valuing politically engaged practices, but also risks depoliticizing them by inscribing them into art history. The workshop series »From Where I …

FROM WHERE I STAND #2. Between theory and pose

When writing about feminist art, and possibly for feminist motives, scholars face the problem that their research not only partakes in making visible and valuing politically engaged practices, but also risks depoliticizing them by inscribing them into art history and into a canon they never wanted …

A Trans Hirschfeld Renaissance w/ Leah Tigers, Dean Erdmann, Maxi Wallenhorst and Raimund Wolfert

The conversation between historian and essayist Leah Tigers, artist Dean Erdmann, and historian Raimund Wolfert, moderated by author Maxi Wallenhorst and curator Christopher Weickenmeier, engages the recent proliferation of historical, literary, and artistic practices concerning the Institute for …

Melanie Gilligan, Cooper Francis

Rather than accepting a 2001 »cybernetic hypothesis« that postulated historical stasis grounded in transparent information flows and techniques of population management, this workshop will examine on-going efforts to engineer the technical infrastructure of a global market that still characterizes …

Processing Worlds, Processing Back Words. Thinking Through the Act of Curating

In her presentation, Miya Yoshida will discuss the potentials, limitations and possibilities of artistic research by introducing her PhD project at Malmö Art Academy / Lund University she realized in 2006, simultaneously an exhibition that she engaged as a research. Based on this project, she will …

Recounting the Past, Present and Future. Art, Sense of Place and Society

The question of whether art should respond to social responsibilities is not new and has been addressed by innumerable artists and authors. For the Palestinian art institute Al Hoash, it has been important since its foundation in 2004 to take part in social debates and activities – in line with its …

Contemporary Art and African Perspectives

Moderation: Beate Söntgen

The Campus as a Work of Art

An artistic work in two parts with Christian Philipp Müller

The Division of the World

After years of experimenting with today’s possibilities of the strongly tainted artistic genre of historical painting and the traditions of modern painting, Dierk Schmidt has most recently been dealing with the role which the German Reich played in the history of colonialism. German involvement in …

Backstage II

Exhibition in three parts and three phases »Ozarichi, März 1944« in campus hall 25 »Megalothymia« in campus building 10, ground floor Christian Boltanski, »Die Archive der Großeltern« in campus building 7, basement Opening of »Backstage II« on Wednesday, April 26, at 6:15pm with short presentations …


Kunstraum of the Leuphana University Lüneburg is delighted to announce the opening of Philipp Gufler´s solo exhibition "Unterwerfungen". Bringing together old and new works and structured by Gufler’s ongoing collaboration with the self-organized Forum Queeres Archiv München, "Unterwerfungen" tracks the various ways in which Gufler stages archival material, resisting the heteronormative capture of a resistant past.

Afro-Latin Aesthetics and Mass Media

The public lecture takes place as part of the seminar „Black Aesthetics in the 20th and 21st Centuries: Art, Music, Film“ (Prof. Dr. Susanne Leeb)


»Untitled (Bergisel)«, 1996, 1 min »Olympia«, 2001, 4 min »Entrée«, 1998/1999, 9 min »Untitled (Spiegeltuxer)«, 2011/2015, 7 min »Cup of Coffee«, 2011, 7 min »Haus der Regierung«, 2014/2017, 12 min (raw edit)

Against Masculine Domination. Building the Body

Female bodybuilding has been discussed as a queer practice of transgressing stereotypes of sex, gender and essentialist forms of identity, as well as a field in which, in a paradoxical way, open and veiled practices of reproduction of such stereotypes and the common-sense gender binary (especially …

Alienating Presents. Recovering Futures (Discussion and Workshop)

Talking about the future is not so easy today. It risks depoliticisation from two opposing sides. Our political imagination oscillates between feelings of hopelessness and fatalism on the one hand, and hollow stories of cruel optimism on the other. Both doom via irreversible climate catastrophe or …

Art in the Periphery of the Center

Peripheries are profoundly ambiguous regions. While trying to build an attachment to their center, the periphery often finds itself marginalized or even excluded both on a structural and actor-related level – no matter if the center-periphery model is defined in terms of space or along relations of …

Assistances (Working Title) w/ Valentina Desideri, Stefano Harney, Jason Hirata, Will Holder, Annick Kleizen, Cally Spooner, Eric Golo Stone, Mathilde Supe, Terre Thaemlitz, Marina Vishmidt

The event can also be attended online via Zoom (Password: assistant). Day 2: https://leuphana.zoom.us/j/95681732502?pwd=cWlwWko1ekxlMnp0VHZVVzNGVCt3QT09

Conceptual art in relation to the notion of the picture in art

In the first of his three lectures at Leuphana University Lueneburg in summer semester 2008, Stefan Roemer explores the critique of the traditional notion of the picture in art as developed by conceptual art. In the frame of the project “CONCEPTUAL PARADISE - a film database on conceptual …

Die Conceptual Art und ihr Medienbegriff

In his second lecture of a multi-part series at Leuphana University, Stefan Römer examines the relationship of Conceptual Art to the traditional concept of media in art. What role did the division that gallery owner Seth Siegelaub made between primary and secondary information play? Was the concept …

Practice in Art Criticism

Art criticism today can’t exclusively be concerned with the description and classification of works of art any more. Rather art criticism has to reflect on the terms and conditions of the artistic field, that have dramatically changed since the 1980s and which at least co-determine what and …

Epistemology of Measurement

The research project »Towards (Im)measurability of Art and Life« by Miya Yoshida (Art & Civic Media, Innovation Incubator, Lüneburg) addresses the ambivalence of measurement and measurability in contemporary realities and questions the apparent tendency to increasingly classify more and more …

Female Identities in the Post-Utopian. Perspectives on Post-Socialism from Art and Theory

with Anabela Angelovska, Anna Bitkina, Ana Bogdanović, Anetta Mona Chişa & Lucia Tkáčová, Suza Husse, Katja Kobolt, Elena Korowin, Petra Lange-Berndt, Monika Rüthers, Jana Seehusen, Bettina Steinbrügge

Florian Dombois & Christoph Oeschger: Films of the Wind

Where’s the wind when it’s not blowing? Can it be contained in a film? Most wind tunnels are there for testing. Almost everything is tested in them: Cars, air-planes, rockets, but also flies, people, or baseballs. After the testing comes optimization. The technologies of mobility …

Gold, Weihrauch und Malerei. Notion and Representation of Value in Art

What is the value of art? What kind of desire transforms objects without any use value into valuable art. Not only the spectacular development of art prices in the recent years have triggered the debate of questions of value in art. In this workshop, different concepts of value will be examined in …

I want to be a dog in America

Stih & Schnock are Berlin based artists, who explore how memory functions in the social sphere and how it is reflected symbolically in culture and urban space. There is to be found an ongoing interest in collections and museums, which they conceive as places of collective cultural memory. In …

In the Stomach of the Predators. The Monopolization of Seeds and its Methodological Representation

In his long-term works, the Berlin-based artist Andreas Siekmann is frequently engaged with the privatisation of public property and the restructuring of labour relations under the conditions of globalisation. This is also the case with »In the Stomach of the Predators«, an installation from 2014 …

In Between Subjects – Amelia Jones

This presentation gives an overview of Jones’s book  In Between Subjects: A Critical Genealogy of Queer Subjects, with attention to deeper motivations behind its development, and tracks her thinking about the intersection of “queer” and “performance” or “performativity” since the book was …

(Colonial)Archaeology and Contemporary Art

The artists’ colloquium emerges from the »(Colonial) Archaeology and Contemporary Art« seminar within the »Practice Field Art« program. The seminar focuses on the colonial histories of archaeology in the Middle East and Egypt, and on the relationship between imperialism, capitalism and …

Conceptual art. Just Another (Sign-)Politics of Aesthetics?

from the series of lectures “Conceptual Paradise. Artistic Practice in the Age of the Social Web”

Artist talk

After a joint tour of Sergei Tcherepnin’s exhibition »Body Bound Notations«, during which he will »actualize« several of his sound sculptures, Fiona McGovern and Axel Wieder will talk with him about the underlying musical and theoretical concepts, as well as the potentials and problems involved in …

Manifesta 6. The failure is the project

“For substantial reasons, it would not have been meaningful to mount yet another large group exhibition on Cyprus. So we decided to establish a school where cultural production could be investigated by means of transdisciplinary techniques. A school that would deal with the issue of …

Prizing Art. Art Valuation in the Age of Informational Abundance

The lecture of Pierre Pénet and the workshop with him will discuss the proliferation of art prizes and awards. Both parts of the event will investigate their implications for artists’ careers and trajectories. In his lecture, building on the example of the British Turner Prize, Pierre Pénet intends …

Representations of the "Other". The Visual Anthropology of Pierre Bourdieu

Kunstraum der Leuphana Universitaet Lueneburg und Gallery of the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig in cooperation with the Heinrich-Boell-Stiftung Berlin

The Self-Made Man

from the series of lectures “Conceptual Paradise. Artistic Practice in the Age of the Social Web”

The Sensorial + the Conceptual Mix

from the series of lectures “Conceptual Paradise. Artistic Practice in the Age of the Social Web”

all our tomorrows

International group exhibition in the frame of the project translate Artists: Donald Rodney, Shilpa Gupta, Hetain Patel, Owusu-Ankomah, Elmgreen and Dragset, Song Dong, Zhang Dali, Yukiko Terada, Hew Locke, Nomeda and Gediminas Urbonas, Sabine Fassl, Johannes Wohnseifer and Lisl Ponger

Conceptual Paradise


Demanding Supplies – Nachfragende Angebote III

with Daniel Buren, Diego Castro, Maria Eichhorn, Katja Staats, Stephan Dillemuth, Loretta Fahrenholz, Phillip Zach, nOffice

On the Trail of Exploitation

The 2010 exhibition "Principio Potosí" archive, curated by Alice Creischer, Max Jorge Hinderer and Andreas Siekmann, is on display at the Kunstraum of Leuphana University. Besides the 36 booklets that can be worked with in the exhibition, students of Leuphana University have responded to selected booklets of the archive with their own images, texts, interviews, and films.

The Grandparents' Archives

Project with Christian Boltanski and Hans Ulrich Obrist

Public / Private

Poject with Thomas Locher and Peter Zimmermann

Economies of Misery

An exhibition of photographs by Pierre Bourdieu In cooperation with Camera Austria Graz (Christine Frisinghelli), University of Geneva, Département de Sociologie (Franz Schultheis) and Fondation Pierre Bourdieu, Geneva https://camera-austria.at

Open Codes?

Exhibition in Collaboration with the ZKM Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe

Planetary Consciousness

International group exhibition in the context of the project translate Artists: Christine Meisner, Mathias Poledna, Lisl Ponger, José Alejandro Restrepo


Exhibition in collaboration with students and the Kunstraum der Universität Lüneburg, in the frame of the project transform

Urban Subjects

A project of Urban Subjects in cooperation with Kunstraum of Leuphana Leuphana University of Lüneburg and Leuphana Arts Program.