Acousmatics as a Laboratory

November 15th - November 16th 2019

Acousmatics is a way of staging the voice in which the carrier of the voice is deliberately kept invisible. The Larousse Dictionary defines acousmatics as a sound that we hear without being able to see its origin. With the invention of radiophony and telephony, acousmatics – voices without a body – have become pervasive to our everyday lives, only to be superseded by a more body-related form of audiovisual communication with the implementation of mobile telephony over the last few decades.

The “Acousmatic Lectures”, an ongoing project by the artist Mario Asef, used the framework of performances to address voice-related phenomena, especially those related to matters of seeing and not seeing. Asef hosted nine “Acousmatic Lectures” at the Errant Sound Space in Berlin. Following the artist’s intention, these presentations were all of an academic nature. The lecturers / performers were scientists, each reporting from his/her respective field of expertise. This was arranged in order to be able to observe the effects of the acousmatic setting beyond the influence of sensory effects of an artistic or aesthetic nature.

It is the intended purpose of this two-day conference at the Kunstraum of Leuphana University Lüneburg to discuss a variety of aspects related to the contemporary relevance of acousmatics. Experts from that field are invited to present statements regarding their respective views on the topic. What significance do “disembodied voices” hold today? Which relevance do acousmatics have for the study and practice of lecture performances? Which position is marked by acousmatics within the histories of music and sound? These and some related questions will be at the center of our interest in this conference.


Friday, November 15th, 2019

14:00 Welcome / Introductions by Mario Asef, Sven Spieker and Clemens Krümmel

14:45 Sabine Sanio, Berlin: A Gaze Behind the Curtain? On the Relationship of Music and Media Aesthetics.

15:30 Holger Schulze, Copenhagen: The Voice of the Capitalocene. A Xenology of the Pan-Acoustic Society

(coffee break)

16:30 Hans-Jörg Rheinberger, Berlin: Experiencing Acousmatics

17:15 Sabeth Buchmann, Vienna and Berlin: Shout! A Mimetic Performance

18:00 Acousmatic Lecture by Golo Föllmer, Berlin: Voice Locations (dinner)

Saturday, November 16th, 2019

09:00 Sven Spieker, Los Angeles / Berlin: 21.3, or The Teacher’s Voice With a short response by Clemens Krümmel

09:45 Alex Arteaga, Barcelona / Berlin: decide

10:30 Mai Wegener, Berlin: Scream, Voice, Speech

11:15 Final discussion with prepared statements

Conceptualized and organized by Mario Asef, Berlin, and Sven Spieker, Los Angeles / Berlin, in cooperation with Clemens Krümmel, Kunstraum Leuphana University, Lüneburg

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