The Kunstraum is located in Building 25 on the central campus of Leuphana University in a neighborhood called Böckelsberg in the south of Lüneburg. The main entrance of the Kunstraum is at the west side of the building. The whole building is slightly elevated and connected to the ground level by three steps. These steps run along the entire west side of the building. There is a permanent ramp located 3 meters from the entrance. The main entrance is barrier-free and wide enough to accommodate most wheelchairs, strollers, and walking aids. The door opens manually only and due to its weight, additional assistance may be needed. There are no restrooms in the Kunstraum. There are restrooms in an adjacent space, also in Building 25, about 15 meters from the main entrance of the Kunstraum. Access to these restrooms corresponds to opening hours and if needed, further assistance can be given by the invigilator in the Kunstraum. The opening hours of the Kunstraum correspond to the academic calendar and may vary according to the format. 

If you require further assistance or if you have questions regarding accessibility, please write to us at 

Further Information on how to get to the Kunstraum, may be found here.