Olympia Bukkakis with Dagat Mera – Material Performance

Dec 19, 2023

Drag queen and choreographer Olympia Bukkakis will present a version of “Material Performance”. In this piece Olympia works with, against, for, and under 10 meters of red fabric. This time she is joined by artist and janitor Dagat Mera in a performative exploration of labour conditions, queer aesthetics and the search for leftist, materialist art.

A workshop with Olympia Bukkakis will be held the following day, Wednesday 20 December, at 10:15 am. Details to follow. Both events will take place in English.

They are organised by the Center for Critical Studies (CCS) in cooperation with the Kunstraum and the Gender and Diversity Research Network.

Queen of the Heavens and of the Earth, Empress of Despair, and Architect of Your Eternal Suffering, Olympia Bukkakis is a drag queen, choreographer, moderator, and writer living and working in Berlin. Since graduating from the SODA masters at the HZT she has premiered a number of new works including, Gender Euphoria (2019), Work on Progress(2019), Under Pressures (2019), A Touch of the Other (2020), Too Much (2021), and replay (2023). Her practice is situated within, and inspired by, the tensions and intersections between queer nightlife and contemporary dance and performance. Website: www.olympiabukkakis.com

Dagat Mera moved from Mainz to Hamburg after graduating from high school in 2021 and is active there both artistically and politically. His focus is storytelling through visual and time-based media. In addition, he gave various creative workshops and workshops on political education. Since 2022 he studies at the University of Fine Arts Hamburg (HfBK).