Forms of Organisation

July 9th to 24th, 2003

with Ibon Aranberri (Bilbao), Andreas Siekmann (Berlin), Latifa Echakhch (Paris), Peter Friedl (Berlin), Ines Doujak (Vienna), Andrea Geyer/Sharon Hayes (New York/Los Angeles), Sanja Ivecovic (Zagreb), Rainer Oldendorf (Paris), Lisl Ponger (Vienna), Alejandra Riera (Paris), Dierk Schmidt (Berlin), Simon Wachsmuth (Berlin)

“Let us return to the organizational form of the movement that is called anti-globalization movement by its opponents, while it itself speaks of global justice. This form of organization (if speaking in the singular is permissible at all) is a phenomenon insofar as it obeys neither the usual attributions of identitarian confessions nor a logic of apparatuses. It is a matter of party-grabbing, not party-building, whereby the line between commitment and institutionalization is not always easy to draw. Perhaps it will only be possible to determine historically what was going on in Seattle or Genoa, and whether the conceptual instruments of a future politics were forged in Porto Alegre. But we don’t want to wait that long.

Forms of Organization’ is the name of the aesthetic speculation on the chances of a purposeful togetherness that draws its power and charm from certain moments of undecidability - not to be confused with indecisiveness! - from certain moments of undecidability - not to be confused with indecisiveness! This aesthetic speculation has the form of an exhibition (we dare to be so conventional). But its secret concern is not to ‘convey’ the political experience, that is, to give it adequate expression. No, the concern is to make images out of experiences.”

Before Lüneburg, the exhibition was shown in the Galerija Skuc in Ljubljana/Slovenia (28.11.2002 - 15.01.2003) and in the Gallery of the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig (11.04. - 10.05.2003).

Concept by M. Buergel and Ruth Noack.

‘Forms of Organization’ is a cooperation within the framework of republicart and is supported by the program of the European Union “Culture 2000”.