Art, Ecology and Sustainable Development

Symposium and workshop in the frame of the conference »Sustainable University«
January 27th to 29th, 2000

The symposium “Art, ecology and sustainable development” deals with ecologically oriented art/architecture and investigates the relevance of the current discourses on “sustainable development”, which also accompany the EXPO 2000 in Hannover, for art and the art field.

The event starts on Thursday at 16:00h with introductory lectures in the context of the overall event “Sustainable University” in lecture hall 4 of the University of Lüneburg. Part of this opening program is also a lecture by the regulation-theoretical economist Alain Lipietz, invited by the Kunstraum, who, among other things, wrote the contribution on sustainable development in the documenta X catalog. The specific part of the symposium “Art, ecology and sustainable developrnent” will open at 18:30h with an introduction and the contribution of Brian Wallis.

On Friday, January 28, 2000, a series of lectures by theorists, critics and curators from the art field will follow on various aspects of the theme of art, ecology and sustainable development. The lectures will be held mainly in English.

In the evening there will be a performance by Sidney Stuckt organized by halle für kunst Lüneburg e.V. in cooperation with Kunstraum, leading into a party.

The event ends on 29.1.2000 at 12:30h after visual presentations from the partial symposia of the conference or a summarizing assessment of the conference by Günter Altner (University of Koblenz) and a closing speech by Gerd Michelsen (University of Lüneburg), the head of the project “Agenda 21-University of Lüneburg”, in which the Kunstraum participates with the greenhouse project by Dan Peterman, in which a number of other artists are integrated (a. o. Anna Gudjöns and others). Anna Gudjönsdöttir, Florian Hüttner, Till Krause, Nils Norman, Superflex, Nana Petzet, Oliver Ressler) or will be integrated.

On campus and in the library, installations by Dan Peterman - “treibhaus.1” and, in cooperation with the Galerie für Landschaftskunst, Hamburg, “treibhaus.2: Extended Falster Video/Greenhouse” - will be on view during the symposium. In addition, on Friday afternoon after the lectures, there will be an opportunity to view the permanent installation by Christian Philipp Müller (“The Campus as a Work of Art”) or the Kunstraum exhibition “Interarchive,” which is based on a cooperation with Hans-Peter Feldmann and Hans Ulrich Obrist.

Conference »Sustainable University«

Thursday, January 27th 2000

16:00 Welcome: Hartwig Donner (Lüneburg),Thomas Pyhel (Osnabrück), Peter Winkelmann (Dortmund), Albert Statz (Berlin)

16:45 Udo Ernst Simonis (Berlin)

17:30 Alain Lipietz (Paris)

Symposium / Workshop »Art, ecology and sustainable development«

Thursday, January 27th, 2000

18:30 Introduction: Beatrice von Bismarck (Leipzig/ Lüneburg), Ulf Wuggenig (Lüneburg)

18:45 Brian Wallis (New York)

19:30 Discussion with Alain Lipietz and Brian Wallis

Friday, January 28th, 2000

9:30 – ca. 12:30 Astrid Wege (Köln), Stefan Römer (Köln), Ariane Müller (Berlin / Wien), Yvonne Volkart (Zürich)

13:30 – ca. 16:00 Hans Ulrich Obrist (Paris), Yung Ho Chang (Peking), Carlos Basualdo (New York)

halle für kunst lüneburg e.V. in cooperation with Kunstraum of Lüneburg University

Friday, January 28th, 2000

Performance, Party

22:00 Video and Music by Sidney Stucki (Genf)

23:00 Party

Tagung »Sustainable University«

Saturday, January 29th, 2000

9.00 Presentations by the different projects / participants of the conference

11.00 Summary by Günter Altner (Koblenz)

12.00 Closing words by Gerd Michelsen (Lüneburg)