ATLAS (spaces in subjunctive)

November 2003 to March 2004

The ATLAS project harks back to the collaboration between the philosopher and sociologist Otto Neurath (Vienna Circle of Logical Positivism) and the artist Gerd Arntz (Cologne Progressive) in the 1920s. Within the framework of the Vienna Museum of Society and Economy, this historically first interaction of social science and art reached its climax in 1930: Arntz and Neurath had developed the universal and pictorially oriented atlas Society and Economy - a macro-historical narrative in the form of about 100 symbol-graphic silkscreen prints.

The aim of the cooperation with Alice Creischer and Andreas Siekmann, currently integrated in the EU project republicart, is the partial redevelopment of this atlas in a time of skepticism towards grand narratives and universalistic claims.

The project culminates in exhibitions at the Kunstraum of the University of Lüneburg and as part of the ExArgentina project at the Museum Ludwig, Cologne.

ATLAS is a cooperation within the framework of republicart and is supported by the program of the European Union “Culture 2000”.