Screening by Herwig Weiser
January 17th, 2017

»Untitled (Bergisel)«, 1996, 1 min
»Olympia«, 2001, 4 min
»Entrée«, 1998/1999, 9 min
»Untitled (Spiegeltuxer)«, 2011/2015, 7 min
»Cup of Coffee«, 2011, 7 min
»Haus der Regierung«, 2014/2017, 12 min (raw edit)

The artist Herwig Weiser, otherwise known for his techno-visionary installations, has for 20 years been producing films that deal with the complex relationships of humans towards architecture. First there were the »human« interventions at Bergisel in Tirolia, an iconic site of powerful spectacles of alpine sports. Then we move on to »Entrée« and a park of images in France, whose partly bizarre architecture surreally twitches and vibrates. The film »Untitled (Spiegeltuxer)« shows a kind of industrial ballet in which a dadaistic figure moves about in a gigantic shipyard. »Cup of Coffee« takes a »speed trip« trip through hectically montaged landscapes, from the Californian Death Valley, through Morocco, to the old chain road in Innsbruck. Finally, a raw-edit version of the film »Haus der Regierung« (House of the Government) that Weiser is currently working on, takes us to the Moscow House on the Embankment, a legendary building from the Soviet times whose spooky history is here animated by a variety of spectres.

(Adapted from a text by Christian Höller)

A cooperation of Leuphana Arts Program with Kunstraum of Leuphana University of Lüneburg.