Algeria 1960. Pierre Bourdieu’s initiation journey into sociology

Lecture and workshop with Franz Schultheis (Vienna)
February 4 and 5th, 2005

Algeria 1960. Pierre Bourdieu’s initiation journey into sociology
Friday, 04.02.2005, 14.30 h

Visual Anthropology. Pierre Bourdieu in Algeria
Friday, 04.02.2005, 15.00 h - open end
Saturday, 05.02.2005, 10.00 h - open end

In cooperation with the magazine Camera Austria (Graz) and Franz Schultheis, director of the Sociology Department at the University of Geneva, the Kunstraum of the University of Lüneburg is preparing an exhibition for spring 2005. It refers to the ethnographic photography that Pierre Bourdieu carried out in Kabylia (Algeria) as part of his studies that were central to his entire oeuvre. These images, accompanied by workshops and symposia, were shown this year and last year as part of major exhibitions in Europe (Paris, Graz and London) and Japan.

A first workshop on this project and on Bourdieu’s Algerian paintings will take place on 04 and 05 Feb. It will be opened with a public lecture by Franz Schultheis on Pierre Bourdieu’s stay in Algeria, which also refers to his turn from philosophy to ethnology and sociology. Franz Schultheis is known in Germany, among other things, as the editor of the important series “Edition discours” (Universitätsverlag Konstanz) and “raisons d’agir”. He has cooperated closely with Bourdieu in Paris. In the 1990s, he emerged as editor of numerous important works by Bourdieu, including “The Misery of the World,” “Bourdieu in Algeria,” “Counterfire,” “Interventions 1961-2001,” “Self-Experiment,” and “Ramblings through the Literary Field.” He is a member of the Swiss National Research Council and head of the EU-funded major European scientific network ESSE.