Testoo® Muster

September 19th to October 15th, 1997

with Fabrice Hybert

Hybert’s work seeks to systematize itself into categories or their handy short forms. There are prostheses, monsters, prefigurations of a “peinture homéopathique”, prototypes, tables, decorations, transfers (traductions). In Leipzig in April 1997, the “product range” of all “Prototypes d’objets en fonctionnement” created up to that point at “Werkausstellungen” (Lüneburg, Leuven, Middelburg, Rochechouart) will be brought together. One assumes 100 objects. They present themselves as patterns. Each “prototype” is presented and introduced via videotape. An inventor service is also provided. Lectures by scientists and businessmen are to teach about use and handling and about the crisis of meaning of the world of art and goods in the P. O. F. debate.

curated by Julie Heintz, Diethelm Stoller, Klaus Werner, Jan Winkelmann
in cooperation with Fabrice Hybert und UR, Paris
Untergrundmessehaus Leipzig

Publication: Diethelm Stoller, Klaus Werner, Jan Winkelmann für die Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig (Hg.): Oumeurt Nr./ No 3: Testoo Muster, Leipzig: Messe Verlag, 1997.