Unlikely Coexistences. A Conversation with Ana Druwe extd.

A LIAS event in cooperation with Kunstraum
Oct 25, 2023

Ana Druwe is one of the members of Casa do Povo, São Paulo, a cultural center that revisits and reinvents the notions of culture, community and memory. Casa do Povo was founded in 1946 by Jewish immigrants as a living monument in memory of the Shoa. From the beginning, it was a space for gathering and a diverse range of cultural and political activities. It hosted a theater, a choir, a newspaper and a school. Casa do Povo continuously seeks to actualize the spirit of its founders. Next to a Yiddish choir, a dozen of other groups, movements and collectives currently inhabit the center, including a printing studio, art exhibitions, psychoanaytic sesssions, a boxing club, performance groups, political gatherings, catering for the neighboring communities: all happening next to and with each other. According to Casa do Povo’s self-understanding “the public is not a target, but an active participant who, in addition to visiting, also proposes activities making the space a place for meeting, training and experimentation: a living monument, a place where remembering is acting”. Ana Druwe will be talking about unlikely coexistences and the challenge to create and maintain a critical institution. For preview: https://casadopovo.org.br/sobre/

The talk will be moderated by Prof. Susanne Leeb and Christopher Weickenmeier