From Models to Monsters. Representing the World Economy and its Discontents

A Workshop by the DFG Research Training Group »Cultures of Critique«

Demanding Supplies – Nachfragende Angebote III

with Daniel Buren, Diego Castro, Maria Eichhorn, Katja Staats, Stephan Dillemuth, Loretta Fahrenholz, Phillip Zach, nOffice

The Economic Chain

“The Economic Chain” attempts to precisely contour the chain concept and the analysis of flows (flows of goods, flows of materials, etc.) as introduced into modern economic theory by the new economics and ecology for the first time. In addition to the analysis of the value chain, the …

Alternative Economics, Alternative Societies

After the loss of a counter-model to capitalism - as real existing socialism formed one until its collapse - alternative concepts of economic and social development have a hard time at the beginning of the 21st century. “Alternatives” are, after all, only discussed more broadly in the …

ATLAS (spaces in subjunctive)

The ATLAS project harks back to the collaboration between the philosopher and sociologist Otto Neurath (Vienna Circle of Logical Positivism) and the artist Gerd Arntz (Cologne Progressive) in the 1920s. Within the framework of the Vienna Museum of Society and Economy, this historically first …

Border Crossing Services

A project on border, migration and refugee assistance with Martin Krenn and Oliver Ressler (Vienna)

Spaces in Subjunctive I und II

Ausstellung in zwei Teilen

Afro-Latin Aesthetics and Mass Media

The public lecture takes place as part of the seminar „Black Aesthetics in the 20th and 21st Centuries: Art, Music, Film“ (Prof. Dr. Susanne Leeb)

Art and Economics Since the Crisis

Since the start of the last economic crisis in 2007/08, there has been much discussion of art’s imbrication with money, specifically its instrumentalization in burgeonining cultures of art investing and financial instruments in the art field. Alongside these conversations, there have been important …

The Image as Battlefield in the Global Cold War. From the Revolutionary Image towards the Humanitarian Misunderstanding

Between 1980 and 1986 a number of four-week courses for photography took place in Beirut, Aden (Yemen), Berlin, and Tunis. The participants were wounded, aged or young revolutionaries of various Palestinian organizations and communist associations in Lebanon who in cooperation with Horst Sturm – …

Post-X Politics

This workshop is a follow-up event to a workshop on Media Ecologies which took place in November 2016 at Concordia University, organized by the Global Emergent Media Lab and a reading group on Readings Around Media in Japan. In bringing this unique style of a reading group seminar to Lueneburg we …

The Sensorial + the Conceptual Mix

from the series of lectures “Conceptual Paradise. Artistic Practice in the Age of the Social Web”

Economies of Misery

An exhibition of photographs by Pierre Bourdieu In cooperation with Camera Austria Graz (Christine Frisinghelli), University of Geneva, Département de Sociologie (Franz Schultheis) and Fondation Pierre Bourdieu, Geneva