The Division of the World

After years of experimenting with today’s possibilities of the strongly tainted artistic genre of historical painting and the traditions of modern painting, Dierk Schmidt has most recently been dealing with the role which the German Reich played in the history of colonialism. German involvement in …

The (new) order of world images

The lecture will bring together two questions: What images does contemporary art make of “the world” as an entity that is embodied in terms such as globalization, transnationality, postcolonialism, etc.? What images does “the civilized world”, as a hegemonic ordering power …

focus on art/research projects

Ute Klissenbauer und Dierk Schmidt diskutieren mit Ulrich Lölke spezifische Herausforderungen für ihre Projekte UFO UNO und “Die Teilung der Erde” an der Schnittstelle zwischen Wissenschaft, Kunst und Politik.

Susanne Leeb & Sven Beckstette

Susanne Leeb (University of Basel): »Cycles of Painting and Entangled Histories: Luc Tuymans and Tshibumba Kanda Matulu« Globalization not only entails an increased engagement with arts worldwide, but also with earlier transnational entanglements. Entanglements that, characterized by colonialism, …

Economies of Misery

An exhibition of photographs by Pierre Bourdieu In cooperation with Camera Austria Graz (Christine Frisinghelli), University of Geneva, Département de Sociologie (Franz Schultheis) and Fondation Pierre Bourdieu, Geneva