Gold, Weihrauch und Malerei. Notion and Representation of Value in Art

Workshop with Isabelle Graw, Katrin Grögel, Pierre Guillet de Monthoux, Michael Hutter, Holger Kuhn, Massimiliano Nuccio, Davide Ponzini und Ulf Wuggenig
January 25th and 26th, 2013

What is the value of art? What kind of desire transforms objects without any use value into valuable art. Not only the spectacular development of art prices in the recent years have triggered the debate of questions of value in art. In this workshop, different concepts of value will be examined in a historical as well as in a theoretical perspective. How can value be made visible in art at all? Can the visual design of banknotes and valuable papers support their credit? Which different values are attributed to art by the market, exhibitions, science and criticism? What is the relation of all these values to the price of art? The Workshop examines these questions from the different perspectives of art history and art criticism, economics and sociology.

Concept and organisation Prof. Dr. Massimiliano Nuccio, visiting professor for Culture & Region and Dr. des. Holger Kuhn, research associate at the Institute for Philosophy and Art Sciences.

Supported by Innovation Incubator of Leuphana University of Lueneburg, funded by EU (EFRE) and federal state Lower Saxony.