Wintersemester 2023/24

This practice seminar provides an occasion to consider American artist Park McArthur’s practice and presence among a recent generation of artists whose conceptualist and institutionally-responsive strategies both critique and re-imagine life’s material conditions in the 21st century. Introduced to a wider public with her solo exhibition Ramps, 2014, McArthur’s concern for the aesthetic possibilities and formal invention of debility, disability, and dependency have been the subject of solo and group exhibitions. Furthermore, how audiences access and experience artworks is a central concern of this course and of McArthur’s work more generally.

Led by McArthur and Research Associate Christopher Weickenmeier, this experimental, practical course meets weekly and includes assigned readings in English, class discussion, written responses, and the installation of artworks in the Kunstraum exhibition galleries. Over the course of the semester participants will collectively conceptualize and install an exhibition with McArthur of her work. Audio-text artworks such as PARA-SITES which debuted as part of Projects 195: Park McArthur, The Museum of Modern Art, 2018, and Kunsthalle Bern’s Kunsthalle_guests Gaeste.Netz.5456, 2020 will be presented together for the first time. Participants will collectively determine modes of engagement and mediation in an ongoing manner. Such inquiries are central to the exhibition’s accessibility, contextualization, and reception.

Open to graduate students. Taught in English. Hybrid with the instructor joining online.

Max 15, with additional participants joining by permission by instructors.