April 1995 to February 1996

Exhibition with Fabrice Hybert and Hans Ulrich Obrist

The transformed materials are intended not so much for contemplation as for touching, sniffing, licking, eating, sucking….

The products exhibited result from connections between elements that from the outset have nothing to do with the final object. For example, the mold of honeycomb (a form that has served as a model for modern architecture), made of a very soft material and spread out on the floor, may resemble a massage tool or a shower mat.

The “prototypes of the object in function” (P.O.F.) are thus objects that resemble everyday things but have changed their function. Initially, these objects emerge from artistic thought. They are works that have been transformed into objects of use, through my unrelenting desire to concretize and to throw the viewer back into the activity. This attitude allows the aggravation of the confrontation, since whenever a provocative connection is defined and expressed in a P.O.F., it immediately becomes the object of a new connection, since the activity is not limited to the contemplative attitude.

TESTOO® Lüneburg is the site of a prototype exhibition where some of the test objects will be made available to the visitor to test them in the best conditions. So the exhibition itself will be a product TESTOO@, a place of life where all the senses are wide awake: between adventure park, department store and art place.

This first edition of TESTOO®, in accordance with the new products or the potential conditions of their use, will determine the future interventions.

Supported by AFAA, Paris