Do you really want it that much - …More!

Lecture and video presentation by Jonathan Faiers (London)
January 25th, 2001

In the video installation “Do you really want it that much?” - “More!” Volker Eichelmann, Jonathan Faiers and Roland Rust present a compilation of feature film scenes of various genres set in the spaces of art museums or galleries. Annotated by short texts and thematic headings, the artists create an image-rich portrait of art institutions - of their topography, the selected details of their furnishings, and the most diverse interests, often quite distant from art, with which they are entered.The result is both amusing and revealing, as the social uses of these places clearly emerge: Unusual but often varied forms of entering or leaving a temple of art become apparent, sequences of amorous rendezvous are juxtaposed with those dealing with the theft of precious objects, backdrops of sophisticated vernissage banter are transformed into hiding places after a completed murder.

After the presentation there will be an opportunity for discussion with Jonathan Faiers.