Manifesta 6 - The Failure is the Project

Wege zum Kunstraum

Florian Waldvogel
lecture and discussion

"For substantial reasons, it would not have been meaningful to mount yet another large group exhibition on Cyprus. So we decided to establish a school where cultural production could be investigated by means of transdisciplinary techniques. A school that would deal with the issue of contemporary education and knowledge production in today's world. Cyprus, whose Greek southern zone became a member nation of the EU in late 2004, has a history and geopolitical significance that make it an ideal site for a forward-looking project that would focus on new means and models for imparting knowledge and production. We had invited people from all walks of life to work on site-specific issues of global interest. It would now appear that our approach was too site-specific."

Florian Waldvogel is curator at the Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam.

Translation from German by John Gabriel

Tuesday, 9. Jan. 2007, 6.30 pm
Universitaet Lueneburg, Scharnhorststrasse 1
building 7, lecture room 215, 2nd floor