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Art history and curatorial labor – About Ian White: Cinema as a Live Art / Becoming Object at Arsenal – Institut für Film und Videokunst, Berlin (March 15 – 17 2019)

Lecture by Anne Breimaier, in German language, in the framework of the seminar „Einführung in die Kunstwissenschaft“, followed by a discussion, Thursday, July 4th 2019, 10.15 – 11.45 AM, Kunstraum of Leuphana University Lüneburg

As part of his exploration of Arsenal’s archive between 2008 and 2012, the curator and artist Ian White (1971–2013) compiled two film programs, presented performances and set up several collaborative projects with artists. He considered the cinema and theater stage spaces of possibility and politics, where the relationship between live events and moving images, production and performance, immateriality and objecthood could be renegotiated. Ian White: Cinema as a Live Art / Becoming Object took place between March 15 and 17, 2019 at the cinema of Arsenal and the cupola hall of silent green Kulturquartier (Berlin-Wedding). The program showed film screenings and live events commemorating the work of Ian White for Arsenal.

As part of the last session of her seminar „Introduction to art history“ at Leuphana University’s Institute of Philosophy and Sciences of Art, Anne Breimaier (research associate at the Professorship for Contemporary Art) will reflect on her role as the curator of Ian White: Cinema as a Live Art / Becoming Object at Arsenal and silent green. She will focus on a particular curatorial challenge she experienced, which addresses the more general question of how two objectives can be intertwined without becoming mutually exclusive: the historical imperative of contextualizing contemporary artistic practices and the political imperative of these practices which inherently demand actualization.