Weiner Chapter 4

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S.R. [...] Everything you said can be put in relation to Conceptual art and the field of Conceptual art? I have to say maybe that I'm not fixed on a Conceptual art ? like it was from the [...] Seth Siegelaub Gallery. I like to see it in a bit broader field. So that is my understanding of Conceptual art. Do you think that the conceptual paradigms are still in function [...]?

L.W. I wish I knew what they were. I don't understand. I make art. The other people whose work I find interesting make art. Conceptual was a term ... it's the same problem as the Abstract Expressionists, the action painters. I began to find out what it means. Every piece, work of art is conceptual. You can't make a painting without having an idea of what you are doing. I don't know what the purpose of differentiating my practice from the practice of Cy Twombly, my practice from the practice of Robert Ryman is, but somehow or other they are values(?) in the world that shows art has to make this break. I don't know. If you speak of Conceptual Paradise – that I understand, that makes sense, that's the use of a word in a manner that makes sense to me. There is no concept of paradise therefore a conceptual paradise is of interest to me. When you say Conceptual art – no. The stuff I make is real, turn off the lights, in the old words of Ed Reinhardt, you can trip over it, you can fuck up your life – that's not very conceptual, it's a material reality. So I don't really, I'm sorry ... I can't tell you where it fit in. They use it, I know what they mean, so why should I make a lot of time saying, but I am, I'm not ... I am, no. If somebody wants to be a Conceptual artist – more power to them! I'm really quite content being an artist.

S.R. You are so precise that I think we can do it in ten minutes.

L.W. I don't think I'm precise. It's just that I'm a grown person. I've ... Because of my class I've been a grown person since I was quite young, meaning I had to worry about survival which means that I have to every morning decide what am I going to do with my life and why. And I made decisions through my life in fact that I am part of the public. But I am the part of the public that doesn't work for the man. That's fine, that means that you have to really pay a little bit of attention. That's not concise; [...] it's less about me than it is about the malevolence from outside that one tries to build, that one can still function within.

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