Weiner Chapter 1

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S.R. My first question is: What do you consider as the strongest influence in your artistic practice?

L.W. That's a very strange question because probably the most important influence in my artistic practice was having discovered art. (..) I come from a background where art existed but it was not an integral part of existence. And once I was able to determine – probably through the public library and through public museums – that there was a thing called art and I saw that it was able to deal with certain questions I became involved in it. And that is the strongest influence.

S.R. Would you say that there is a specific artistic influence from the history of art?

L.W. Yes. My initial attraction to art was based upon my initial decision that I was going to interact with the society which in most general terms comes off as so called »political« – but everything is basically political. [...] When I discovered that people from the Russian Constructivists from Mondrian to Cezanne were dealing with the same issues, and dealing with them as a form of perception and presentation in the world, I began to become involved in the romantic idea of becoming an artist.

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