Ruscha Chapter 5

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S.R.: I have one more maybe more personal question. It's my specific interest to hear what you will say. What is your typical ideal daily work as an artist?

R.: My ideal typical daily work is one of, I use that word tedious again, and repetitious boring stuff of, I have like energy to burn and I feel lucky for that but it's like moving things around picking up paper-clips and somehow I manage to make paintings and drawings and I do that but it's always surrounded by lots of other things, because I like to read and I read newspapers a lot and so it's a daily issue with me, I mean my artistic daily issue but it's surrounded and smuggled sometimes by lots of very tedious things.

S.R.: Thanks a lot. I think these (?) questions I wanted to ask you, but there is time if you want to say something that was not touched, not covered in our talk, if you want to say something that is really important for you now it's time to say it.

R: Maybe I should come out with a form of a complaint like something that I am not happy with but I can't I mean there are some things that I am not happy with but I find myself isolated in the world of art and rather not so much in politics, all the world problems. Although I do think about world problems. The main focus is my art.

S.R.: Thank you very much. That was really interesting for me and I hope we got everything well taped ...

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