Rosler Chapter 7

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S.R. Maybe I come again to your recent essay in Artforum, and I have the feeling that because you were also talking about these issues in relation to collaborative work and groups working with media, internet and so on, that in the first third of you text I read something I'm not sure if it's right, something like an ironic undertone. I'm not sure if it's right.

M.R. What was ironic? Well, it begins and ends with an ironic remark about the way in which artists find themselves jumping on the barricades and saying: pay attention to me, pay attention to me. That's the constant delusion on the part of artists that we can remake the world, if that's what you are responding to, and of course it's the market that has brought these practices to the fore once again, and we are always imagining that we are outrunning them, and of course we have to imagine that, because in a way we are; there's always some degree of lag, and also these are symbolic operations. There always needs to be that avant-garde impulse, to be running outside the store, even if that's only an appearance.

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