Rosler Chapter 15

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MR. I would say, that it's really important to emphasize that for me conceptual art and feminism both brought the idea of art as an open process of inquiry as opposed to something that had a fixed terminus or that was bounded or that was a thing. This is a commonplace about what conceptual art is... You know, we use the term »dematerialization« and so on... And, if you will, the creation of new subjects for art, I mean viewers and audiences, and I think this is really a critical thing, that art needs to be defined not as a set of practices but as a set of discursive practices that bring with them the creation of new social subjects. That's the irony in my piece because that is really self-aggrandizing about the role of the artist, and yet I think that that is the ideal condition that one would like to operate under, the idea that art really can make a difference because it draws in particularly in the modern world, or whatever you want to call it, so much of what the experience of life is. Again a romantic answer. (0:59:21:00)

S.R. But it was very nice statement to the end, a very nice closing word. Thank you very much. [...]

Martha Rosler