Rosler Chapter 13

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S.R. So I have another disturbing question. What is your aim or your goal with your practice?

M.R. I want to annoy people, it's true. I want to give them a zest that shoves them to the point that they go: Wait! They wake up for a second from whatever, wherever they are in. I don't mean to sound patronizing 'cause I don't mean it that way. I just mean to move the discourse so that people confront themselves turning the corner and say: But ... either: Why am I looking at this, or: Why is this here? or: What is that? It's funny, this is just a very old-fashioned idea, but I would like to pose a question, but I would like to pose a question in the person of the subject, that is the viewer... where the viewer poses the question and feels competent to answer it, feels competent to answer it: that's really important for me. The viewer is somehow drawn into something where they feel this is not something beyond them, this is not something metaphysical. As I said: Very old-fashioned ideas to re-position the whole scenario of whatever it is so that it's a different vantage point, it's a meta-level or it's some other broadening of the stage where the viewer is actually now on the stage, with the work, with the idea.

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