Rosler Chapter 11

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S.R. But that is the point: If you use the term invention. It's for me it's the rhetoric of Kant. If you use... In Germany, in whole economic talking, and in politics, everywhere, in journalism since two years since we had this crisis there is a big talking, also an advertisement of re-invention, »you have to re-invent yourself, you have to re-invent new forms of production, you have to re-invent new forms of distribution; exactly since this big crisis two years, three years ago.

M.R. That makes sense, right. That's what I was trying to say about Scandinavia and England, the need to re-invent, and little do they know they are unconsciously echoing a logic of the economic situation. But what is it that I said that you are... arguing against – because I used the term »invention«?

S.R. No, because I think to find out if in the same time economically or in advertising the term invention or re-invention is used there is coming up again this old model of the subject //Creativity?// Creativity and the subject, originality, all these things.

MR. This happened here during the Tech-Bubble, the Technology Bubble.... the light bulb going on in your head: I had an idea! That's the imagination. I think, Hewlett-Packard has a series of ads ..... where did I see them? Maybe it's in the newspaper, maybe I see it in every airport I'm in .... it says: »invent, imagine.... » //It's up to you.// It's up to me. It's up to me, I want everything different.

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