Rosler Chapter 10

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M.R. I think, the same thing happened with feminism in Europe in the previous decade. What was nice about that was that you saw a lot of women actively working to invent something, a kind of a real practice that they didn't realize was replicating or building on or echoing or similar to work that had been done in the early 70s. But these women were serious; and so when they did discover the earlier work, it was like a moment of revelation that they were part of a tradition. It wasn't an effort on their part in most cases that I came across, of women trying to capitalize somehow on images of women, though we know there are plenty of those, as well, who have no interest in what the concept or the impetus might be behind earlier work because they are interested only in leaving it behind. There are some very famous names associated with that. But in a way the re-invention is not such a bad thing; it's when it's re-invention without any effort to really see it as a moment of social critique that really upsets me. I'm very old-fashioned.

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