Rosler Chapter 1

From Paradise

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S.R. Once again maybe?

M.R. ...five minutes just to see how dreadful it is. What was really great about it? It was boring. That's why. //I fell asleep.// //I called Michael Asher: »Ah, I just woke up. I watched the debate and I fell asleep.//That was wonderful. It was wonderful, //I liked the...// because Bush is like a little weasel, you know. He's like ____

M.R. I'm coming back from my fight ___. Now, what I liked is, that three of the biggest television corporations //yeah...// reported after that, that Bush was really straight, he was really strong, he was really good.//You saw that ____?//Ten minutes later, ten minutes later____//I didn't see that, I think, I wasn't watching those channels//.The foxes, the power foxes, all the conservatives//yeah...//, the big ones. That was amazing for me.

M.R. Well, I couldn't believe, that not a single commentator, even on a public station said: »Is something wrong with Bush?« No, really. Is he okay? Because he didn't seem okay at all. He looked like he was gonna fall down like »Ahhh...«. (lacht.) I mean, he is reduced to saying: »I know Osama bin Laden attacked us... I knew that« (lacht.) Are you crazy? Yes. He seemed like he was really worried, tired, really tired and unable to coach. Which we know, but it was... Usually he is able to put on the front: »I'm strong, I'm strong //Yes.// and I'm strong« and nothing else matters. But he wasn't able to do that.

S.R. No, he was also not finding his words, he was like »I – I – I – I have to say...« It's unbelievable.

M.R. What's unbelievable, is that people find him likeable. That's what's frightening and unbelievable. You know, he's a regular guy. And that he appeals to women. // Really? // More than anyone thought. // What kind of women? // Well, that's the right question. Exactly the women that he's screwing the worst, which is poor single women. // Really? // Yes, they are looking for a father figure and they are afraid, that, if... what they have been led to believe since they don't actually watched the debates or the news, even let's believe, that Kerry is not a strong man, because he changes his mind and he will ___ weakness and somehow the terrorists will know that and they will break into our homes and kill us. And I'm really serious. So they are sticking with Bush because he is the devil they know. And he projects strength. Well they've been told he projects strength. They are obvious not very good at reading character. But it is fear. One of my students did a project with many pictures of Bush looking very strong on a _____.

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