Khurana Chapter 6

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S.R.: At the beginning of your answer there was a sound. Can you say it again (?)?

S.K.: I've forgotten what I said... Can you ask me the question again?

S.R.: How would you describe your typical daily work as an artist. Is there something like an ideal situation?

S.K.: I wish I could say that there was an ideal situation, which included things like the meditative part of the practice or a consistency in how once working time or practice time was divided. But in fact I have to say that it's not so, for me, at least. I don't know what I said. Ask me some more, I'm enjoying this.

S.R.: Do you think that you want to say something more to any of these points...

S.K.: No, I'm thinking from the top of my head because I'm at the moment very involved with the problems my installation is facing. So... maybe later I'll be able to internalize and think of what you were asking... on a surface level.

S.R.: It seems very important to have different views.

S.K.: So, the camera is off? I was interested in the project because I was really wanting at that moment... You know when Ahmed was proposing this project in Delhi, I felt at that moment that I really need to integrate my own paradigms and I wanted to enter that area. But I felt say somehow... I'm not saying this is a victim thing, but I felt disincluded simply by not being seen as somebody who is involved, and that brought within me this whole argument about... It's not as if you are working about yourself is detrimental or in opposition with working in a public pace. This is also connected to a bit of Nancy's lecture yesterday and the point you raised about aim, about what the aim should be...

S.R.: (?)

S.K.: Yes, if there is an aim, which is of course a very big question. But then this whole thing also of »where does the self start and why should that be seen as a more isolated entity within this larger thing?«. For example, talking about globalization, there is a certain coinage which is being used, of course the paradigms... Am I making sense?

S.R.: (?) you wanted to contribute something to the discussion about public sphere...

S.K.: (??) to the discussion, also the practice of it because discussion can be just that one day, and you'll not be able to speak at that moment. But I somehow felt that there are already markers of who can be involved in that practice or what should your attitude be. And somehow an attitude of using yourself as your source or work that stems from the self doesn't seem to be seen as something which fits in. For me that's a very big problem and I'm trying to connect it again to Nancy's discussion yesterday because it was again focusing on agency and the fact that people have to create their own context, and therefore I feel people are creating – what I said yesterday, was, in order to be able to step out in public, the legitimization in our part of the world is only seen as if it is done in the sense of development and social issues, and that becomes a little dubious to me. This combined with the fact that already even within art practices or people who want to do projects, there is already this kind of distance from trying to understand it in a larger sense. It becomes like a topic, so you are talking about globalization, for instance...

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