Khurana Chapter 5

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S.R.: There is only one more question that is interesting for me. It focuses more on the production process. How would you describe your typical daily work as an artist ? What would be an ideal situation?

S.K.: A really honest answer of that is that I – most of us, because of the kind of worlds we live in, where production, even on the level of conceptualizing, production of ideas, not physical material things, has so much to do with what possibilities or facilities we have. So, what I do is, I just keep... I grab an opportunity when I get it, sometimes even mindlessly starting to implement those ideas. Now I'm quite comfortable with the fact that, okay, these are then long periods of gestation of ideas, when things cannot be done because you don't have the resources. And when you are working on your other personas of being your own art manager, finding a residency, writing applications; and when that happens, then you have to throw yourself in. So, unfortunately, that completely topples this other view of the artist being this meditative person who goes into a space and spends a few hours, which would be great. And when there are those moments, we should also grab those. But I don't think that's really consistently possible in today's world. Not for me, not for people who are trying to make it in the larger understanding of things and without any resources.

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