Khurana Chapter 1

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S.R.: Is it media art, or do you focus on issues?

S.K.: I think I'm focusing more and more on issues with an extreme – and when I say »extreme» I mean very conscientious – awareness of not trying to let the issue part go out of sync with the intuitive process. So because I know that my work stems very much from a reliance on the intuitive process of what the emotional impetus is which takes it forward.

S.R.: What is your strongest influence?

S.K.: I think the everyday experience, in the sense of the everydayness... of things and how we deal with it. For the moment it's that; for a while ago it was perhaps things which were a bit more arising from one's own oppressive involvement with oneself. But I think it's moving a bit away from that now. I'm able to have a slightly more stoic view on the daily process of living for myself and others, but even looking at others is often a way of looking into your own head. I would like to – you know, when people talk about the inner world and the outer world, and not that there is a difference, but you can talk about one or the other. For me, the smaller, the inner world really reflects the outer, and I don't have any problems if I'm not talking about issues which are key issues in the world at the moment, because I think it's all connected, and I like to stem from the grass root.

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