Kapoor Chapter 2

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S.R. The last question is a little bit relating ... the return of the body...

G.K. The return of the body? Have I used that term return? Anyway, I would be close to using it.

S.R. (??)

G.K. You see there the idea of the vanguard or the foregrounding of the body would come out if I can make a conjecture... if i were to categorize itit would come out of feminist practice, that particular butting together of two ideas, because, by and large, the use of the avant-garde... the implications of avant-garde have not so much to do with the body or with subjectivity but with historical and social phenomena, whether it was the Soviet avant-garde or later on its revival in the Minimalist... during the 60s, broadly in the 60s. I think in the 70s, with all the intercutting, the cross referencing that took place between Minimalism, Conceptual art and Installation was probably best theorized within feminist terms. So there they re-inscribed the body into the possibilities of treating this as avant-garde, whereas the body in some way would have been excised, Conceptual art would have taken it out of its main concerns, the feminists bring it back. I'm making a very abbreviated comment on the art historical phenomenon. In that sense, I think, the return of the body or the use of or the foregrounding of the body would be to do with the body as both corporeal as well as subjectivity, and the two together making the vanguard positions take into their stride the personal and the subjective worlds as against only the social and political agendas. If we enter it from that point, we might have some confluence or some kind of valid juxtaposition of the two terms.

S.R. (??)

G.K. You'll take little parts out of this to string them together. I think more or less... But I wouldn't privilege the body over all else; when I say »return of the body» it's not to privilege it above something else. I continue to be interested in works that are not body-based, as it were. I think that privileging of the body over all else would mean that we privilege a certain form of subjectivity and therefore a certain kind of language. I'm really interested in works that deal with, that drain the corporeal and the subjective in order to deal only with ideas. These may not be so much present in India but they are interspersed with works, which have a great deal to do with body and expression and subjectivity and fullness. I'm equally interested in works that actually evacuate and deplete that fullness, because they want to deal more directly with ideas. It's not very well said, Stefan, that one.

S.R. (??)

G.K. Thank you, Stefan.

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