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S.R.: For example we can come to a kind of re-doing? For example when attitudes had become form there was a 2nd exhibition in the 80s ....


R: For example what was the motivation to re-do an exhibition in parts again?

H: I think, there are two reasons for that one – and they are connected- one was that you began to get a new generation of curators who perhaps where young when the first exhibition was shown who then go along to study modern art history and have maybe done their gradual work on the original conceptual art movement and so now they are organising their shows connected to a kind of gradual work of art history students. I think that was part of the reason why that particular show was organised in Cambridge. It was organised by somebody who done her graduate thesis on the art feature, I think. And then of course that's the reason that conceptual art movement generally starts become fashionable as always happens after a certain laps of time. So the work starts to cause a value in a certain ... things start getting to the museums and it time to have another look. I mean its interesting that the two English exhibitions sort of being related to the attitude/architecture, one of the...and one of the White Chapel have both removed the essentially cosmopolitan character of a regional exhibition and turned them into sort of exhibitions of a (?) British avant-garde which (?) rather defeat (?) exercise and turn them into little exercises influential celebration.

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