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S.R.: In respect of the last 30 years how did the circumstances change in the 80s and the 90s to the contemporary art field?


H: That's a very difficult one to answer, I think. Part what changed was the character of the market and I think that some of the barriers between art and the commercial world became eroded. I suppose that when the sense was a long term consequence at the decline of some modernist critical s that notion that the aesthetic and the commercial were each chosen necessary opposites and that division that we've in art and language we have sort of caricaturist at the one side and the artist does its art in a necessity and the rest of the world does it for the money. So if you'd say the artist is doing it for the money than it says you are compromising what is supposed to be special about art? I think that idea, that division, with so many of the other things that went to me in the 80s and 90s that just collapsed and what the consequence was of that was that it broke down the barriers between the notion of high art on the one hand and the popular arts on the other. And that fail of a generation of artists who would always perhaps felt a lot closer to the world of popular culture than the world of high culture so that you get artists who see themselves ideally as much more like rock stars then like in a traditional artist working way in a lonely studio and trying to put himself up to the ? So maybe... that ? what is a lie to the fact that increasingly those responsible for the distribution of art, the gallerists, the curators and so on tended to see themselves rather more like publishers, like advertising inspectors, like ? and so on rather than ? So you just get a change in the whole of images, I think of the business of the art world, I think. So that the notion of artist what the career is, of being an artist, represents that changes. And I think most of the changes are driven by substantial changes and the sort of economical cultural base in society coinciding with the shift away from modernist values so that may itself be partly determining by what was happening with the social economic base.

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