Gupta Chapter 4

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S.R.: I know it's really bad, but I think it's everywhere. So I have one last question... How do you describe your typical daily work as an artist?

S.G.: Sorry?

S.R.: How do you describe your typical daily work, your ideal situation?

S.G.: Oh, as an ideal situation. Oh God, I don't want to have an ideal situation. I don't think there is because everybody wants to have something more out of it. But I guess it would be, for me, the current situation would be really not wanting art to be in small spaces because it's becoming really defunct; there is nobody really watching art where it is in very few galleries; it's becoming completely an object for consumption, and it's often... it reduces... I mean, by becoming an object just to sell and buy, the one experience gets thrown out and the one activity gets completely erased. So for me it would be really important to have a situation where a lot of people see art – maybe art in the theatre, it's more effective; currently it's quite... you feel very useless, as a function; you often have to grapple what's the function of the art-making. For me that would be ideal, that you do sth, that there is a structure where people are interested and people can see a lot of work.

S.R.: (??)

S.G.: For the moment. I might have bigger wishes but this is the one wish just now.

S.R.: (??)

S.G.: But you had something to ask about originality, right?

S.R.: I think that the term of originiality is involved in the first two, three questions.

S.G.: Okay, because I think...

S.R.: But if you want to something about originality, you can go ahead.

S.G.: Because I thought about it when you said... what I was thinking was that originality is something. Within the churches, where everybody worked together, there was never a original art work, but then when aristocrats started having a 2 by 2 square foot of painting you wanted to make it original – more to do with the fact what I have you don't have. I think somewhere it has to do with capitalism in wanting to own, a unique work; that is why artists ,even knowing and wanting by the audiences, never do massive productions so much of the print. I think it's a very sick thing this originality business, because it's just wanting to do something unique and make it very private, and then try to propagate and sort of claim public ideals or moralistic aims through it. So this originality business is really quite not in.

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