Graham Chapter 7

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S.R. Stressing a little bit the term of influence – you already gave some examples of influences and sources of your art. I always had one question in my mind. Did you know Adrian Piper in the early years? Was there a kind of communication?

D.G. No. She had an apartment above Sol Lewitt's, and I knew her as a young artist. The people I was involved with in the early 70s were Mary Kelly after "Post-Partum Document". I got her involved in some shows in Europe and also I gave Martha Rosler her first teaching job in the Nova Scotia College of Art. I didn't know that much about Adrian Piper.

S.R. I just thought because...

D.G. I knew her, but I was not involved in her work or supporting her.

S.R. Yes, I mean if you want to say something... - These were the main questions from my side.

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