Graham Chapter 3

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S.R. Do you think, by the way, do you think that the conceptual paradigms are still in function?

D.G. I don't think there is any such thing as Conceptual art, but I think the influences of Pop art and popular culture are still very important. I guess I admire one artist who is a bit younger than me who is 53 years old - Rodney Graham, and you can see many influences, but also the popular influence is important. For me when I was conceiving my conceptual pieces, simple rock songs, particularly by The Kinks, were very important.

S.R. Especially in the film »Rock my religion«?

D.G. Well, before that I was really influenced by the Kinks. I think side effects, drugs are coming from a song by the Rolling Stones: »Mother's Little Helper«. So I like short forms that can be assimilated to pop music or pop culture. But also to have philosophical models and relate architecturally to the city and often landscape or city buildings. Maybe more recently I'm becoming influenced by impressionism, because my work in parks is for people lying down inside or outside the pavilion, and also parents with their children, as photo opportunities during the weekends. The first piece in Münster was like that, in the sculpture show.

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