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The exhibition that I'm doing here, in fact as an exhibition probably could not exist or could not be done without the recent work that I've done which takes the form of video projection and video installation. Because most of my work prior to a few years ago does not exist in a material form. Not all of it, I mean there are some things that exist, because in addition to installations I did videos that exists, single channel videos and posters and also photographs, I worked with a lot of kind of media, audio installations which do exist in some form. And my approach to this exhibition and the form of the retrospective is really to just put everything in but also to try to subject my own practice to itself and to take this work that I produce that for different contexts which existed as a reflection very often on other artists' work withins those contexts or on other art contexts. And to bring it all together in a way that I'm hoping will create almost a kind of chaos of reflection, a kind of a layering of all these different moments of reflexive critique, not all of which were about artists or an artist. But my hope is that the exhibition will work out that they become in a way. They become more immediately reflexive in this context. For example sets of wall-texts which were produced to be installed with other artists` work will now be installed with my own work. It's about in a certain way subjecting myself to my own critiques or subjecting my own work to my own critiques in a way that will be displaced but hopefully will also function. And perhaps one of the critiques that I'll have to be subjecting myself to will have to do with my own transgression of my own artistic principles in doing this kind of exhibition. So maybe you can use the last part of that, without taking all of it. I can be so long-winded...

S.R. It was a lot of material in a way.

A.F. I mean the other thing is that I've been working for twenty years and at a certain point it's important for me as an artist to be able to reflect on what I've done, and a lot of the work that I've done hasn't really been documented in any form. I mean I've done a lot of projects, that there was an installation, a publication and a video, but the publication doesn't... – The publication – each part has its own piece, so there is no representation of the entire project and in that sense it`s ... – I want things to exist – not necessarily physically as cultural commodities, but to be able to exist conceptually so that they can be reflected on, also by myself.

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