Fraser Chapter 5

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S.R. No, I want to continue with this because I think you broke, as you said something, you broke in one idea where you listed up feminism, women`s art movement.

A.F. Feminism, conceptual art and pop art were the three that I mentioned.

S.R. No, you had another...

A.F. I said the women`s feminism and women`s art movement as a kind of putting it together.

S.R. You want to say this again? To emphasize it or?

A.F. I think I said it twice already. Sure but...- where do you think I can end up with that? Shall I just repeat what I said again? In a cleaner way?

S.R. No, I remember just as you were talking that I thought there was a break that you wanted to say something about that. I`m not sure.

A.F. No, I think that I said why.

S.R. Maybe we just go to the next question.

A.F. Yes.

S.R. And then we can figure out. The last question in this set is how you describe your typical daily work as an artist. If it's possible?

A.F. No, it's not possible. I have no typical day.

S.R. That was really convincing. Can you say this again?

A.F. I don't have a typical day. Sometimes my work as an artist is going to the gym and practicing Samba, sometimes it's doing research in a library and reading critical texts and writing, sometimes it's doing graphic design, sometimes it's going to galleries and museums or being in an exhibition space and trying to install a show or making interviews. I have no typical day.

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