Fraser Chapter 2

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S.R. So the second question: Which practice in the history of art is your favorite? Can you say »This one, That one.«?

A.F. Oh God.

S.F. Or is ths not possible?

A.F. A practice? You mean a particular artist practice or?

S.R. Yes, yes.

A.F. ... is my favorite? I can`t say. Yvonne Rainer has to be one of my favorite artists but she is a dancer and a film-maker. So I wouldn`t... - it would be Yvonne Rainer on the one hand as a dancer, film-maker, performer and on the other hand it would either be Hans Haacke or Michael Asher for me. But I mean in the history of art, did you ask? What was the question again?

S.R. You can choose. You can also say there was a manager who was my favorite and strongest influence.

A.F. Favorite practice? My God. Well you see, I don't just have one influence. I suppose most people don't, but also not only in one field.

S.R. It is just covering this area around saying »Well as I started as an art student, I adored - whatever«. Something like that. Well, you already figured it out. You said three, four names which were very important for you...

A.F. Well, then, I mean, I started out really as a Lacanian. I mean, there are theoretical influences, intellectual influences, and then it would be Pierre Bourdieu. And I also think of Pierre Bourdieu as someone who very much had a practice as well as a theory of practice.

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