Dion Chapter 6

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S.R. What is your aim with your practice?

M.D. The aim of my practice is largely to have a discursive function. That I want to look at the history of the culture of nature, to look into ideas that have formed nature. My work is not about nature, obviously it's about ideas about nature, about how each society decides what gets to become nature and where it tells those stories. My approach is largely historical. I'm looking back at breaks in that historical narrative, I'm looking at paradigm shifts in that story. So, essentially, I'm trying to map where the ideas and the assumptions and the decisions that are made about what gets sustained – where do those things come from, what is the epistemology of these ideas, leading up to today, and also obviously functioning in a way that has concrete effects on the natural world of today? I don't just want to chart this discourse, I also want to produce it, I want to be part of that discussion. I think that my work is largely an attempt to put things into an historical framework and also to expand that historical framework. And to talk about today, by talking about the nature of these ideas.

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