Dion Chapter 1

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S.R. What was the strongest influence on your work - artistically or scientifically?

M.D. I think for me the strongest influence on my work was really when I was able to put two separate worlds together. One world, when I was learning in school and studying, was the ability to use a critical vocabulary and learn about critical approaches to thinking about not only art but also history and gender politics, contemporary issues, and at a certain point it felt very academic for me applying these principles to art, because I had this other life, which was really thinking about nature, spending time out of doors. I was involved in a different kind of culture of nature. And it wasn't until where I understood how I could bring together these two different things, a kind of intellectual critical approach to art making and to thinking about culture, and the notion of applying that to the culture of nature as opposed to applying it exclusively to art, to the culture of art, to actually use this kind of tool bag I had learned in school, these kind of critical tools, to the things I really cared the most about. That's when things came together for me. I would say it was really the critical approach and then applying it to the things I cared most about, which was the culture of nature.

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