Buren Chapter 7

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S.R. ... How do you describe the typical daily work as an artist or in which aspects does today's work differ from to your former working day... first question is more about your ideal, and the second about what you have to do.

D.B. ...I think when I started to work, more professionally speaking, ... has to be invited not only to work in your studio – anyhow, I quit my studio thirty-five years ago forever ... – I must say since I started to be invited around 68, I have had the chance to be always invited all the time. This really kept me extremely busy since the very first time my work became more public than private. This made me first of all working everyday and also because, especially at the beginning it was not really done so much by so many artists, the idea to make a specific work each time everywhere, which was putting myself on the road extremely often.... I am much more often on the road than any place else, except to work. In the last thirty years I never have been two weeks at the same place in a row, non-stop – at home or wherever. The maximum time I can spend... lets say it's a big show ... where you have a lot of work to fabricate ... this is the only occasion where I am some place for two weeks in a row. If not, it's rather two, three days, one week, ten days, and I go like that from place to place. To speak about my way of working, it's a way which is my life since thirty-five years.

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