Buren Chapter 1

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S.R. [...] What do you think was the strongest influence on your work?

D.B. (laughs) That starts very good! I don't know ( ...) – a short answer.

S.R. But maybe you can tell us what is your favorite practice in the history of art (...) Do you have something like a favorite?

D.B. No. Nothing which I can relate closely except that I participated from the very first one to everything following on the so-called conceptual art exhibition, and for that reason I think which is absolutely normal that some people affiliate me with conceptual art which is of course of use, but if they read what I wrote in the very first exhibition under this title, I was extremely critical, and I think that was the only text of that sort inside this first show in Leverkusen, where I was saying more or less what became even true after a few years about the dangers of such a title and about the academism of such an idea and about the almost philosophical stupidity of two such words. So I did participate with this kind of heavy critique in my mind, and publicly said, and I still have the same position.

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