Bordowitz Chapter 8

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S.R. I mean, I know this text about Broodthaers and there are some points I don't agree with Rosalind Krauss but the term is interesting. There is only one more question left on my list [...]. What is your ideal typical daily work as an artist?[...].

G.B. What I'm doing when I'm doing it is what I do. // (laughs)... You don't want to add anything? // (...) I wake up early now; I'm not a night-person any more, I've just turned 40. I wake up early, I read for 2 hours, go to school, I teach. When I'm not teaching, I'm reading or writing. Sometimes I'm shooting when I'm working on a documentary project. I go out every day and I really try (...) to approach my life as though my life is continuous with my work, and I'm often upset or annoyed when I'm alienated from my life through my work. This goes back to the aim or ideal of self-determination. I try as much as possible to be fully engaged with what I'm doing at the moment as a matter of choice. Of course I can't achieve that of course I live an alienated life like most people. I very much take seriously the Avant-garde ideal of merging art with life which I'm now beginning to see as highly complicated and problematic because I think that art did merge with life in the form of someone like M. Stewart (...) or that capitalism did merge with life, merge creativity with daily life for the purpose of profit in a way that the Avant-gardists didn't anticipate. I'm aware when I say that I want to merge art with life that aesthetics and daily life are brought together daily through capitalism. I'm trying to be sth. different that's not organized around consumption, that's not organized around me producing wealth for others by buying things daily; it's about knowledge-acquisition and not information-consumption. That sounds a bit pretentious, but I actually like pretension. I think we should live our lives a little ambitiously. I guess that's what I'm saying (laughs).

S.R. Sure, sure to some extent of course. I think that was the set of questions I had. But if you want to add sth., if you want to focus on a specific other thing that was not in our talk, take your time to reflect on it...

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