Bochner Chapter 6

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S.R. (...) Thank you. I mean, this were the more theoretical questions and I have one more question (...) but you answered it already two questions ago. I wanted to ask you for your absolutely ideal typical daily work as an artist. If you can imagine something like that (...) you described as coming every morning to your studio and so on...

M.B. That's the best answer that I can come up with; it's an ongoing process where you try to initiate enough problems for yourself that any solution is just outside your grasp. Basically [...] every work is another disappointment because you haven't reached the place that you want your work to reach. And I would say that (...) disappointment is a very powerful emotional engine, it keeps you going (smiles).

S.R. Good last word. But nevertheless I wanted to ask you...these were my questions and I think there were some really fruitful answers. But maybe you have sth. like a sentence, a motto or sth. that you want to add, if you want to say anything else that is important for you. (...) I know it's difficult, but take your time.

M.B. (...) No, I don't I have anything to add. I mean, I don't think there is anything to add. (shakes head) No (laughs).

S.R. Then, thank you very much, it was a great pleasure.

M.B. (laughs) I hope it wasn't too disappointing.

S.R. No, no, absolutely not. For me it was very interesting. Because there were some points I didn't know as facts...

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