Bochner Chapter 1

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M.B. What I want to ask you: how are you going to edit this? Because the thing that I'm nervous about, what I've seen in some of these films is (...) I mean it seems you have two choices: one is just to present each person as a block, and the other is to create a conversation between the different people. And when you do that, there is some risk involved as to what your editorial position is and to what your favorites are, I mean which artist you are more interested in and who comes out looking good who comes out looking bad. And that to me becomes problematic.

S.R. I understand. From my position, there are two strategies, media strategies. One will be to make...

M.B. I want to stay out of those things. It's really just another form of self-promotion. That these arguments about who did what first are really pointless; it's just a way of certain artists of keeping their name in the foreground where perhaps their work is in the background. I'm willing to talk about my work, but I'm unwilling to talk about any other artists – OK? // S.R. It's up to you. It's your choice. // M.B. You must have some questions. I think that a tremendous amount of time has been wasted over the years with false claims, people making unverifiable claims, and then other people trying to refute those claims and creating situations, which are pointless to me. So that's why I really want to stay away from. And I don't want to be drawn into that, in the process of editing. »I did this first and I did that first and so and so and I did nothing first and I'm this and I'm that.» Just please leave me out of that thing.

S.R. My questions are not focusing in this direction. For me it's much more interesting to have something for example the issue of the public or the reception. What kind of change in reception does Conceptual art mean in the 60s, 70s, than you have maybe five or six different interesting statements...

M.B. As long as we are on that level I'm willing to do it. But there are other people who've come to me with all of these questions, which I'm not going to answer. I don't want to disappoint you, I don't want to waste my time, as long as we're clear about that then go ahead and ask me the questions.

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