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S.R. So, do you think that conceptual paradigms, if it's possible to figure something like that out, do you think that conceptual paradigms are still in function?

R.B. I think Conceptual art was very influential, but I think people don't know it. They are doing things that the conceptual artists found, discovered and did, but it may actually be the most influential movement since Cubism, as far as I can say, but I think a lot of younger artists are absolutely unaware of what happened before. They picked up these ideas because these ideas because these ideas are in the air; they just become very commonplace about how to approach making art. And you see a lot of Conceptual art around, there is certainly a lot of group shows. I don't know, if you see very much of it in the galleries. I'm not a person that visits galleries very much anymore, I usually find it a very disappointing experience, unless it's a friend of mine or someone who's very recommended by someone I trust. I generally don't visit galleries. I'm not a good person to ask about what's going on in the art world right now. It's just what I see from thumbing through magazines and occasional group shows or visiting the Basel Art Fair because I have some dealers there, I have some business ... I'm really not aware of what is happening. The Basel Art Fair is unfortunately an extremely commercial enterprise; what you see is what the dealers think is going to sell, and this is unfortunately very disappointing. With some exceptions, there is always a few exceptions. You see some good work, but it's usually by artists of my generation I have to say. I think artists over 55 or 60 and in that area, the most beautiful works I see are artists who are around my age. I think they are still doing the most interesting and most innovative work.

S.R. So you don't think that there is a possibility to renew or re-invent something like conceptual thinking, conceptual...?

R.B. I wouldn't want to do that. I really don't. I'm looking for something that's totally unexpected ... for something I learn something from, and I don't find it anywhere. If I can see something that I haven't seen before and recognize it as art that I could be interested in. I just don't see it. Maybe a while before ... a flush-out of all of this crap that's coming out now, may take another generation. I really don't know. I'm not a critic, I'm not an art historian, so I don't really think about those things. I'm just busy making my own work. It's not something that I really explored very much. That's a question for an art theorist or an art crtitic but not for an artist to worry about that. Artists are just too busy struggling to make their own work to worry about everybody else.

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