Baldessari Chapter 4

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S.R.: Let me come a little bit to the historical references. Do you think that you can tell us what you consider as your strongest influence from the world, from literature, from whatever.

J.B.: I have certain heroes, of course. I suppose heroes would be an influence. Two I quite often name are Giotto and Matisse. They seem vastly the similar but what I see in them is a sense of simplicity, but paradoxically being very profound at the same time. I have more contemporary heroes. Sol LeWitt is one of my peers in contemporary. But I always thought he was just brilliant in the way he strategizes his work. It looks utterly simple but it's incredibly well thought out what he does. Those were three. Literature, probably Cervantes, Laurence Stern, Tristram Shandy, Don Quijote. [...] I really find them like Doppelgängers of myself. The more I read about them, the more I think that's me. It certainly seems very similar.

S.R.: That sounds interesting this kind of if you read a book and you recognize yourself.

J.B. .. and you don't feel so crazy. One other person is as crazy as I am. (laughs)

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