Asher Chapter 7

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S.R. Of course there cannot be something like a manual for conceptual art, but one thing also for me, or this project of the film, one question is: how is it possible to understand this circle, or this, maybe it's more something like a spiral, that the work, or the practice of conceptual art is taking. For me it's very interesting to understand the mind, the epistemological background. For example, I know Hans Haacke very long and I know that he is very pragmatic. He is, for example, he told us in this interview, he was asked to participate in this Utopia Station which was in the Venice Biennial and then in Munich, and he said: I'm even not able to think what it is, Utopia, because I'm so in the world [Einschub Asher] So it's not possible for me, and I cannot understand this. And this is the point which I always try to understand. What is the moving energy in the personal thinking?

M.A. And isn't that interesting that you brought up Utopia Station; I didn't see it, but from the little I've heard about of it, it seems to have utilized artists which actually took on the supposed canon of conceptualism, and they are included in Utopia Station, and obviously utopia is an extraordinary speculation which you didn't find in conceptualism, or that much. It was really dealing with the real world or the existing world around us. So Hans Haacke is absolutely correct. But anyway, to get back ... I got diverted on that, that's interesting. Do you want to state that again, that last part?

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